download previous version?

I order to use a third party module, named Aurora, compiled for Audacity 2.0, I need to download this version. Is it available anywhere?


There is no support for Aurora because the author designed it to deliberately crash Audacity from time to time unless you pay his fee.

If you accept the risk without comeback (or you pay the author’s fee), see here for the 2.0.0 version of Audacity: .


Audacity 2.0 is available here:
See also this post:

Thanks Everybody!

Sorry Gale, but the information your provided in this post is completely FALSE !!!
The Aurora plugins never crash Audacity on purpose. They are indeed still in Beta version, so I canot ensure that they are 100% crash-free, but this is common with Beta versions of anything…
The “behaviour” that your are describing above is the “russian roulette” employed in the shareware version of Aurora plugins for Adobe Audition.
Under that platform (and, I repeat, NOT under Audacity) the Aurora plugins sometime crash “on purpose” if unregistered.
This is done gracefully, forcing the “save previous state” feature of Adobe Audition, so, when the russian roulette is triggered (the chance is 1:4) the user is just marginally annoyed by being forced out from the main program. Restarting Audition brings back all the previously-opened waveforms, with o data loss.
It is just annoying, not harmful…

The version of Aurora plugins for Audacity, instead, is completely free, and it does not contain any “russian roulette” feature… SO it never crashes “by purpose”…

Angelo Farina, co-developer of Aurora

Thank you for the updated information about Aurora.
I think that Gale’s assumption about Aurora deliberately crashing the host application was an understandable mistake given that it has taken nearly half a year to get an answer to a direct question about this issue.