Download Help Manual Locally?

Max OS 10.4.11, downloaded from the dmg

Sorry to ask the newbiest of questions, but I simply would like to have the manual available on my hard drive locally rather than having to have Firefox or a browser open while I’m working.

I just downloaded Audacity 2.0.2 last night and the "How to Get Help: window says the Quick Help & Manual should be installed locally, but I don’t see anywhere telling me how to do that. Everything I see says it should have been in the download. There is a manual folder in the application folder but these all appear to be firefox links.

Is there a place to download a copy of the manual to have locally?


The Manual is comprised of HTML files. These files are on your hard drive (or you would not be able to see them) but require you to open them in an application that reads HTML files (like a web browser).

Because the files are on your hard drive you do not have to be connected to the internet to read them (unless you want to click one of the links to an external page, which are shown in italics but not bolded).

Are you asking for a PDF Manual instead of HTML, or something else?


Hi Gale:

Thanks for the reply. Yes I was hoping for a pdf, simply because my browser takes a lot of memory (you can see I’m running an old mac). That would be swell, but I was able to do what I needed to without it.

God bless everyone who made this wonderful Audacity program available! It literally saved my life today for a non-profit group of people who desperately needed me to be able to edit down a 7 hour government meeting into only 1 hour, which I could not do in Garageband in Tiger.

Thank you!!!

PDF applications can be extremely heavy on the computer too (like Adobe on Windows).

Unfortunately we don’t have an official PDF Manual due to problems making a professional HTML > PDF script for this.

If you want a rough, unofficial PDF for 2.0.2, you can try this:

which was made using HTMLDOC 1.8.27 .

The PDF software has made a table of contents based on the order in which the pages were added to the software list. This means that after the Manual Front Page and the Quick Help index page, the rest of the pages follow in alphabetical order.

No links work where they are part of an image. Underlining of links looks shoddy and is only approximate to the intended underlining.