Downgrade to 2.0.5?

I’m running version 2.0.6 on my Mac and have been since it was released last year so I’ve used it both on Mavericks and now the awful Yosemite. I’m not a fan of the 2.0.6 version and would like to go back to 2.0.5 because I think it worked better (small annoyances with the 2.0.6 that weren’t there in 2.0.5 but they add up) and also looked better (there were only small tweaks to 2.0.6 but still not a fan of them).
What’s the best way to go back to the 2.0.5? I don’t see a download on the site for the 2.0.5 version. I found a site that has 2.0.5 listed but I’d rather download it right from the audacity site if possible.

You can get old versions here:

It could help us to improve future versions of Audacity if you told us what the problems are.

Note that 2.0.6 and earlier do not officially support Yosemite (as noted in the release notes).
2.0.6 is thought to mostly work, except for AU plugins. The problem with AU plugins should be fixed in the next Audacity release.

Awesome! Thank you!

I used 2.0.6 on both Mavericks and when I foolishly updated to Yosemite. It did the same on both so I’m thinking it’s just quirks with the version not with Yosemite causing them.
My reasons for wanting to go back aren’t major but just small annoyances. I use audacity to generate tone sets to program fire pagers, scanners, fire portables, etc. In order to do this and make sure they’re programmed properly you need to generate specific tone sets and durations. Usually these are 8 second long tones of one frequency in Hz or an A/B tone set consisting of one tone of one second and a second tone of a different Hz lasting 3 seconds. The older versions of Audacity “blended” them together better. In a more natural kind of way. The 2.0.6 is more of a choppy pairing. It has no effect on the programming at all but it just sounds better in the older versions so it’s a personal preference.
The other more important issue is when creating the tone sets either by using generate silence or generate tone the older versions would highlight the frequency making it easier to change and by tabbing through to the silence length or duration on the tone generation it would tab right to the actual numbers making it easier to arrow up or down to change the values. In the 2.06. version the courser is left aligned so you need to highlight the frequency to change it and by tabbing down to the duration it also goes left aligned so you have to go over to the part that needs to be changed.

Like I said it’s nothing major that I’m having issues with but small things like that take up a few extra seconds and make it not as easy to go through to use. I hope it’s not too confusing. I attached screen shots.
Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 6.43.46 PM.png
Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 6.44.10 PM.png

I find that very mysterious because the tone generator code in Audacity 2.0.6 is identical to that in 2.0.5.
Perhaps you could post a short audio sample (in WAV format) to illustrate the difference. (instructions for posting audio samples to the forum are here if you need them:

That’s an interesting use :slight_smile:
If you do this regularly, it would probably be easier to write a “Nyquist script” (Audacity’s built-in scripting language) to automatically generate the tones. If you think you might be interested in doing that, let me know and we can start a new topic in the Nyquist section of the forum.

Thanks for the report.

Are you sure you are not thinking of Windows or Linux? 2.0.5, 2.0.0 or even 1.2.5 don’t select all in the text box on Mac.

I agree that’s a regression on 2.0.5 on all platforms, but we are close to releasing the next 2.1.0 version so this probably won’t be fixed for 2.1.0. It should highlight the first non-zero character.