Downgrade from 2.3.2 ?

I don’t know where to begin but I’m finding 2.3.2 quite frustrating. I’ll limit to one area and perhaps that can be solved, otherwise how to I downgrade to 2.2.2 ?

I record solo guitar and often need to do a fine cut to dub a part in. In the previous version of Audacity the entire track was one color, now the tracks are a light gray in the middle and darker gray on either side. I go to highlight an area to cut and the cut line is only in the dark outside areas, not in the recorded note area in the center. When I right click the track box to “zoom x2” the recorded wave/notes then fills the track and there is a single light color, as with the older version of Audacity; but, I cannot highlight areas to cut as the cursor only shows the highlighted area above in the time log and not on the notes. Also I no longer see red when there is clipping. I generally try to record no hotter than -6 db or so but need to see the clipping to set the input properly. My apologies for the length of this, there is more.

So perhaps someone can direct me how to get the older version operation? I have set edit=>preferences=>interface=>classic. Also sometimes when I run the cursor over a track, dots appear and the width of the light and dark lines changes and undoing says “envelope” which I have no idea what it is nor think I need it.

Is the older version still available? Sorry to complain because I much appreciate all the work that went into Audacity and the open-source concept. Thank you.

Nothing has changed in the waveform display between 2.3.2 and earlier versions.

This tells me that you have either turned on the Envelope tool or the Multi-tool either in the Tools toolbar - or more likely by inadvertently turning on the alternate tools by pressing their shortcut keys.
This is harder to do accidentally on my PC as to invoke the function keys I have to use the Function button on the keyboard to access the function keys - on some keyboards the function keys are always active with a single press.

The function keys F1 to F6 select different tool from the Tools toolbar - all you need to do to revert is to press function key F1 - this wil revert Audacity to using the default Selection toolbar (the I-beam in the Tools toolbar.

See this page in the Audacity Manual: Tools Toolbar - Audacity Manual


Thank you, this is very helpful and seems to have solved most of the issues I’m having.