Double headphone recording


I am looking at doing some dual host recording using audacity. Currently I have a 1 USB mic and I was looking at getting another one for my cohost soon, but I wanted to make sure that I can indeed use 2 USB mics on 1 computer. Is this possible, or will it cause problems?



If you use Windows than you can only record from one USB microphone at a time.

Everyone runs into the same wall in the same place. With a little work you alone can record a nice podcast with effects, music, stingers, clips, etc. Personal Computers are designed with one sound channel each way, and worse, Audacity will only address one sound device. “I’d like to record with two people” bang puts you into external mixer or PodCast recording package territory. That’s the threshold to write some serious checks.

Sometimes you can connect two computers in different towns with Skype or other network service and each actor records their own voice while they’re listening to the other. When you’re done, one sends their sound track to the other for editing into one single show. You only use Skype for coordination. The Skype sound never actually goes into the show.


The next level of this: Two people interviewing a third over Skype. That’s serious coordination and extra hardware.

Another Frequently Requested Situation is to record multiple people playing a game. I think some games have recording software that will allow that. Generally, third party software like Audacity won’t work.