Dose audacity have reverb and eq?

Is there an audacity version that has reverb and eq effects built in or can it be installed after?


They’ve been in Audacity for years:

Full list of effects:


All under Effect…

Effect > Echo
Effect > Reverb
Effect > Equalization

Equalization has two major variations. Frequency Sliders (Graphic) that appear like the one on your music system, and Draw where you literally click on and pull the frequency graphic and the sound follows you.

Please note that if you start out life in highly detailed Draw and then switch to Graphic, the curve will become sloppy and assume the limits of the sliders—and then get stuck that way.


Thanks for that. Just wanted to know before I download and install the program. Because a lot of the other DAW don’t even install or work!

Do you know if you can edit and record video with audacity?

Do you know if you can edit and record video with audacity?

Yes, we know. No, you can’t.

Many times we can pull the sound out of a video and edit that, but you need a video editor to put the repaired sound back in to the show.


You see what I want to do is record video and vocals and onto mp3 at the same time
Aparently there are other DAWs that allow you to do this all at once but those DAWS are currup and do not work before your 30 day trail has ended and before they try and rip you off for $500

So if Audacity dose not allow video then I wondering if I can record the sound with it and record the video with a different program and mix them together somehow

You see what I want to do is record video and vocals and onto mp3 at the same time

Usually video is recorded with a video camera, then you can transfer the file to the computer for audio/video editing and/or to make a DVD* or Blu-Ray*, etc.

Or there are screen capture applications that can capture video from a webcam, etc.

Or, there are specialized hardware devices such as [u]EZCAP[/u] that can digitize analog video. These generally come with proprietary capture (recording) software.

Corel Video Studio and CyberLink Power Director are popular “consumer” video editors (about $100 USD). Or, [u]Gizmos[/u] has a list of free video editors.

Usually video editors have some audio editing/processing capability.

Aparently there are other DAWs that allow you to do this all at once but those DAWS…

[u]REAPER[/u] ($60 USD for home & small business** use) has some video capabilities but it’s sold as a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). It’s a full multi-track DAW with MIDI capabilities so it’s a lot more as complex than Audacity.


  • To make a normal standards-compliant DVD or Blu-ray that plays on all regular DVD or Blu-Ray players you need special DVD or Blu-Ray authoring software. That’s often included with the video editing package, but not always.

** If you are making more than $20,000 a year from your audio business you have to pay more for the license, but it’s the same software, just a different license.

Basic computers have one record pathway and one record. You can record your microphone and playback music and that’s about it. If you want to record two or three different things, you need software that modifies the computer pathways, not just a DAW.

Audacity will not record from more than one thing by itself. The last time I needed to do something like this, I used more than one computer and a small mixer.

The windows people might try VoiceMeeter and its variations. That one does invent pathways and virtual mixers.


Just tried installing audacity and get the following message

Unable to extract file:
C:\programfiles\audacity\adacity.exe (or something like that anyway)

and create proceess failes code 193
something not a vaild win32 application

Ar well looks like audacity was no differnet then the other daws that wont instasll

Which version of Audacity were you using previously?

the insaller program is called
and its win xp

Windows XP is no longer supported.
(Microsoft ended support for XP April 2014)

Did you download the Audacity Windows Installer from [u]this page[/u]?

Ar well looks like audacity was no differnet then the other daws that wont instasll

That’s a strange problem… I wonder if Windows is messed-up on your computer? Usually Audacity installation is straightforward, and it’s weird that you’re having trouble installing other applications too. (I’ve got Audacity installed on three Win10 64-bit machines and two Win7 32-bit machines.)

…Some people have trouble installing the optional LAME & FFmpeg libraries (after installing Audacity). Usually the LAME or FFmpeg problems are caused by failure to carefully follow the instructions, but there’s (usually) nothing tricky about installing Audacity.

Toolless said he has Windows XP.
Audacity no longer supports Windows XP.

I think that was the page I downloaded it from, but cant remember to well as I downloaded it from the library and saved it to my memory stick to instal on this computer

Why would it no longer run on xp? is there not an older version kicking about somewhere?
But windows ending support for xp should have nothing to do with 3rd part programs installing or not

Sorry, I missed “XP”… Your user information (displayed to the right of your posts) says Windows 10.

I don’t know what’s changed and I don’t know if that error is normal for XP, but the [u]System Requirements[/u] say Windows 7, 8, or 10.

It also says: 2.1.3 (no longer supported) was the final version to run on Windows XP…”

And, there are links to older Audacity versions for older operating systems and/or older hardware.

….Some newer programs won’t run on older operating systems. I was running Windows 2000 for a long-long time and I never used XP (at home). When my tax-preparation software wouldn’t run I was forced to upgrade to Win7. I also skipped-over Windows 8 which was getting lot’s of bad reviews/reports. Now most of my computers run Win10.

I’d suggest that you try “|v2.0.6| Audacity Windows Installer” which you can download from here: Old Audacity versions download (scroll way down the page).

Please note that as none of the Audacity team use Windows XP, there is no longer any official technical support for Audacity on XP.

In order to properly support current versions of Windows, updates have to be made to the program’s code. Some of these updates are incompatible with Windows XP.

I tried the original insulation on a computer with windosw 10 and it installed and worked fine
Will try that older version you posted before on my xp machine
Dont know why my profile has windows 10 showing, must of been set to default

OK back to my original question
I have looked at those links you posted but when I load up my audacity (on my win 10 machine) and drag an audio file onto it, I dont see the drop down menu for the reverb shown on the link you posted

Please can you tell me how I access the Reverb?

Which version of Audacity do you have on your Windows 10 machine.
(It gets confusing and hard to follow when you flit around talking about different set-ups in the same forum thread)