Doomed to Search Forever!

Again, sorry for posting a forum issue here.

How do I get Search to stop helping me? Say I Advanced Searched for “Zoom.” The hits arrive and I want to post one of the responses in answer to a question elsewhere on the forum. All I can do is post the search response URL, not the actual address of the posting.

That’s the search hit URL.

That’s the actual posting start URL.

And it doesn’t seem to matter where I click or how I manage the interface. I’m still in Search.

I’m objecting to this because the search term is brittle and the posting URL isn’t. If the poster goes in and edits the wrong word, the search might crash.


Hi koz.

When you click on the title of one of the posts that Search has retrieved, it should take you to that post (it works here), however an additional item is added to the address which is the search term added as a highlight. In the case of searching for zoom this would be:


added just before the link to the anchor for the specific post. Is that not happening?

If you want to go to the start page for the topic, go to the link as given by Search, then delete the last part of the address and hit Refresh (Reload) in your browser.
For example from the address



so that you just have

and you will be taken to the start page of the topic.

Oh, yes. Much better.