Don't like the new look, plus two other issues

I’ve had Audacity for two decades and I notice the newer versions all have a “slicker”, “sexier” layout, but I dislike it. I’d like the old layout back. Is this possible?

Second issue: Audacity will not copy a selected portion of any track. Instead it gives me an error. I’d like the old faithful Audacity back without these weird issues – but uninstalling and reinstalling Audacity doesn’t change anything. These issues are not going away. This all started when the program suddenly did not recognize my Blue Snowball Mic several days ago. It’s been sheer hell since. Help :frowning:

There’s an Audacity settings folder which survives reinstalling.
If you want a clean start rename it to say “audacity-old” and a fresh new folder will be created.

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Will try this. Thank you!

Only with the older versions of Audacity,

You can get older versions of Audacity from here: Old Audacity versions download


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