Don't know what to do ...

Hi Audacity People,
I’m a new user from Italy and I’ve just downloaded the 2.0.1 version.
I’ve got a Stanton DJC.4, a DJ MIDI controller, with built-in soundcard.
In the image you can see the back part. It has 2 balanced outputs (1/4 inch) and 2 unbalanced outputs (RCA). It also has 2 of analog inputs (RCA) and a AUX input.
My desire is to record what I’m mixing, without using the recorder of the software. This is in order to bypass the restriction given by Native Instruments and Atomix on their LE softwares (Traktor 2.5.1 DEMO - Virtual DJ LE).

I’m using the unbalenced outputs to go to an amplifier. Is it possible to record what I’m mixing ?

Than you very much for support :wink:

I presume the amplifier has a headphone socket and that you can hear your mix when headphones are plugged into it? I also presume that the amplifier has some RCA Line Out sockets? If your Mac has a Line IN or equivalent (not Mic In) you should be able to connect your Mac Line In to the RCA Line Outs of the amplifier with an appropriate cable. To get you to the next step we need a Mac elf (I’m Windows) who understands how Audacity sees the Mac inputs and how to set Audacity to record from them.

There may be a way of sending a signal direct from your mixer unit straight to the inputs on the Mac. As I am not familiar with either the mixer or any Mac, I cannot help on this point.

If you have a very slightly older Mac, it should have a Stereo Line-In of very good quality. It’s the thin circle with two fat black arrows.

One of these should do it.

Using the Audacity Device Drop-down, select Built-In Input, Stereo.


One more piece, if you’re going to monitor the sound through the Mac, it may drive you nuts. The Mac speaker and headphone output will always be “one computer late” and have an echo. Audacity > Preferences > Recording > Software Playthrough.


Thank you very much for your support …
I solved my problem, coming out from the RCA outputs to the Mac [PHOTO N.2], using a RCA to minijack adapter [PHOTO N.3].
I’ve got a 13’’ MacBook Pro, that has go only one audio port. I went to Preferences and setted the audio port as a IN port. [PHOTO N.5]
In Audacity I setted everything as Built-in soundcard. [PHOTO N.4]
I could listen my “master” with Mac built-in speakers, and could have preview of the mix with headphones, linked to the “Consolle” soundcard [PHOTO N.1].

Here are photos of my “solution”.
Still thank you very much for your interest :slight_smile: