Don't know what happened to my file?!?

So I was working on a project, saved it, left Audacity open, closed my computer, accidentally knocked the battery out, and when I booted back up Audacity had closed. So I went to my folders and clicked to open the project I had been working on, and when Audacity opened I got two popups about how Audacity could not find the file or something along those lines. After a few more attempts at getting the project to open, I opened an older project that was saved and it opened fine (except for a message about orphan files that didn’t seem to be too important). I then closed out of the old project and tried opening the one that wouldn’t work again. This time, it opened, was where I had left off, and was the right length and everything, only the audio was just a flat line. I got the file to open but there’s no audio there. It’s absolutely silent. I have the most current Audacity (just downloaded it a week ago) and I’m running Windows 7. Please help! I have to turn this in for a school project and I can’t get the audio again because it was an interview I recorded. If you have any advice at all, I am ready to try anything or if you need more information I’ll do my best. Thanks!

“That” version is probably the last version that will be available. Any later changes are likely to be gone and lost forever.

Do you remember exactly what name the project had and where it was saved when you saved it?
When you saved the project, it would create a file with a “.aup” file extension, and a folder with the same name but ending with “_data” (unless you were re-saving a project that had already been saved, in which case that file and folder will have been updated). Does that file and folder exist? You “need” both the file and the folder.

Yes, I do still have the “.aup” file and i found the folder that has the same name as the project but ends with “_data”. Both are still on my computer and seem to be fine. Not sure what’s supposed to be in the “_data” folder but for me there are a bunch more folders along the lines of “e00” and “d01” and they each lead to varying amounts of “.au” files. The one thing I did notice though was that the “.aup” file shows it was last modified the time that I saved it before my computer had to reboot. However, the “_data” folder shows that it was last modified during the time that I was trying to get the file to open after my computer restarted (sorry, I know that’s confusing). Not sure what this means or if this is any more helpful, but that’s that. Thanks for replying, any more info would be greatly appreciated.

One note. The AUP file and the associated _DATA folder need to be in the same location or folder for the show to open. Double click on the AUP file and it will go looking for its _DATA folder, but it will not look very far. It will not go cranking down your computer’s file system. It takes a quick glance around and if the folder is missing, it gives up.

i found the folder that has the same name as the project

If you had to go looking for it, that may be what’s wrong. The AUP file will not “go looking.”