don / preferences


1 / je desirais faire un don par cheque france
i would like to make a donation by check in france

2/ comment avoir les preferences personnels en default a chaque lancement d’audacity v .o.1
how to have my own preferences setting by default at each loading


Thanks, but please consider donating here:

to make a secure payment using your credit card or Paypal account. Paypal is generally regarded as very secure, and uses https: .

Please note that although payments are processed by Paypal, you don’t need a Paypal account to donate.

Audacity is a collection of enthusiasts who volunteer for the project in their spare time. An automated donations system saves everyone time in processing donations.

If you want a special group of settings other than the settings you exit Audacity with, add a “Portable Settings” folder to the Audacity installation folder then launch Audacity. Change your settings as you want then quit Audacity. Remove or Rename the “Portable Settings” folder to launch Audacity with the settings it had before you added the “Portable Settings” folder. Add the “Portable Settings” folder back to the Audacity installation folder to launch Audacity with the portable settings. See: .


je n’ai pas de carte de paiment
i do not have credit card .

so !


et vous n’avez pas repondus a ma questions
and you did not answear to my questions .

y a t’il une possibilitee de lancer mes preferences perso par " default "
is there a way to load my own preference by default
yes or no

thanks a lot

You need to understand that we are all volunteers working from our own homes in different countries in our spare time. There is no “Audacity office” in France you can send your cheque to.

You will have to wait for the Forum moderator (brochec) to answer. He lives in France. He may (or may not) be prepared to receive your cheque, bank it, then donate that amount using Paypal.


Maybe it is a language problem, but I answered your question as far as I could understand it (and if I didn’t understand it, reading the link should have answered it).

When you use Audacity and make settings changes, Audacity saves those changes when you exit. For example, if you change the recording channels to “1”, recording channels will still be “1” when you restart. The settings are stored in the audacity.cfg file, as explained in the link.

I explained how you could use and load a different set of preferences.

The link explains how you can reset preferences to their default values by exiting Audacity then removing all the content of audacity.cfg except


If you mean something else, please give an exact example of what you want to do.