Doing precise selections

Have been reading the HELP file and finding ways to `type in´ exact selection spans, for example selecting 0.5 sec to the LEFT of audio start. That is to CUT any audio before the 1/2 sec of dead air lead-in. Likewise I’d like to select 1.25 sec after the END of an audio, and CUT the rest. IWO, end result is 1/2 sec of quiet before audio starts, and 1-1/4 sec of quiet before the end.

Any tips for precise selecting LEFT and RIGHT of the cursor? Also there are Label Tracks with these audios.


If it is just lead-in and the end you need to remove, you could consider my dumb solution: I never cut these, unless really long. When the job is finished, I select the part I want to keep and use “export selection”.

That’s also because I don’t keep projects, but export an archive copy when I’m done.

I generally make selections with the mouse:

  1. Make a rough selection
  2. Zoom in on one end of the selection (Ctrl + Mouse wheel)
  3. Hold the Shift key down, click and drag the edge of selection a bit more accurately
    Repeat steps 2 and 3 as necessary to achieve the required accuracy. With a bit of practice it only takes a couple of seconds to achieve a very precise selection,
  4. Press the “Ctrl + [” or “Ctrl + ]” to go to one end of the selection or the other - go to the end that you’ve not adjusted (see shortcuts below).
  5. If necessary to adjust this end, then use Zoom / shift+drag to get this end of the selection exact.

Some handy shortcuts:

Shift + Home (extend selection to the start of the Timeline)
Shift + End (extend the selection to the end of the project)
Shift + J (extend the selection to the start of the current track)
Shift + K (extend the selection to the end of the current track)
Ctrl + [ (jump to the selection start without losing the current selection)
Ctrl + ] (jump to the selection end without losing the current selection)