Doesn't scroll vertically when selecting

Using Audacity 2.4.2 on Linux Mint 20 (Ubuntu 20.04) from PPA.

I have a project with ~40 tracks. Even with all tracks collapsed, they do not all fit on the screen vertically (even with “Fit To Height”).

This is OK, but there is a problem when I want to make a large selection. When I start near the top left and want to scroll to the bottom right off the screen, the window scrolls right OK, but not vertically.

Should it?

Under Mouse selection tips here: I see:
“If you move the mouse past the left or right edge of the window while dragging, Audacity will scroll the window in that direction as long as the mouse button is down.”

So left and right, but not up and down? Any tips on what I can do to get the functionality I’m looking for? I’m on a laptop, so I don’t have a scroll wheel.

I’ve never known it to do that on Linux, and I can see that automatic vertical scrolling could be quite annoying when you don’t want it to scroll.

It’s not normally a problem as there are quicker ways to make large multi-track selections:

“Select menu > Tracks > In All Tracks”
Extends the current selection to all tracks.

“Ctrl + Click” on the track’s “Select” button to add or remove a track from the current selection.

“Click” the “Select” button on one track, scroll up or down (Mouse Wheel) then “Shift + Click” the “Select” button of another track to select a range of tracks from the first track clicked to the “Shift + Clicked” track.

When a track has “focus” (yellow border around the track), “Enter” key to toggle the selection on/off.

If you intend to do a lot of work in Audacity, I would highly recommend getting a wireless mouse. I’ve recently treated myself to a nice “Tecknet” wireless mouse, but before that I was using a $7 wireless mouse that worked very well for over 5 years.
(Perhaps leave a note for Father Christmas :wink:)

I would confirm a wireless mouse is indispensable for a laptop while working in Audacity. :smiley:

I’m currently encountering the same problem with a similar configuration, except that I’m using Ubuntu 18.04 and an HP mouse. I don’t know why this problem suddenly occurred, before everything was working fine.

The trick “Select menu > Tracks > In All Tracks” works but if there is a way to do without this extra manipulation I’m interested.

Thanks to the community!

Make a selection in one track, then
“Shift + Ctrl + K”