Doesn't recognize my .aup file after crash

Using 2.0.0 for basketball hilites. Spend entire yesterday editing some audio clips (have done this without issue the past 6 years). My machine crashed unexpectedly and this morning I tried to open my file and see this:

Audacity did not recognize the type of file .aup. If it is uncompressed try importing as “raw data”.

Not sure what that means, but my file is still there and my folder (with a zillion subforlders?) is still there…but Audacity can’t read it. Any ideas? Would be happy to chat on phone if any expert is willing. Thanks!

Open the AUP file in a text editor. Is it blank?

If it is, then chance of recovering an edited project isn’t good.


It is blank. I do still have the folder for the project and all the subfolders. Is anything salvageable? or am I out 8 hours of work? gulp…

I do still have the folder for the project and all the subfolders.

…out of order. If you have a raw recording, then all the little files are in time order and there’s a possibility of turning them back into a show.

An edited show throws all the files out of order—it’s a confetti explosion—and Audacity depends on the AUP file to put it back together.

Unless somebody corrects me, that’s the end of the show.

Do you know why the machine crashed?


There is a new version, 2.1.3.

But I think it still uses the same Project data structure.

Next time you approach final show, Export the work as a WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit. Your show archives should be in that format no matter what else you do.

You didn’t say anything about your original work and capture files. You still have all those right? You can edit the show back together. It’s a very New User mistake to record a performance and then continuously edit that one file until final. If anything goes wrong, you get to start over with the live performance. There is no recovery. I have original WAV performances dating back five years.


I recommend trying WhoCrashed to try to identify the cause of the problem.