does such a filter exist?


I am just getting started to audio processing, but I am looking for a filter that could help automating the audio processing.

I have some sound in 2 or maybe more tracks. 1. track is a lecture speaker sound, the 2. or more tracks are room sound (to catch when audience is asking questions).

When the lecturer speaks I want the audience sound to be muted, because they are not going to talk over each other, are they? And even if they do, is it useful to hear both channels? They might debate which would be a series of sound alternating in both channels.
I do not want muting when someone in the audience asks a question, can I automatically recognise when there is human speak? It does happen that noone speaks, then I still would like the audience sound muted.

I do not think that hard cuts are the right method, I was thinking of letting the audience sound fade in/out. Probably faster out than in.

Any ideas where I should start?

Audacity cannot tell the difference between someone talking and a camel farting, but Audacity can fade down one track when the volume level gets louder on another track. See here:

Thanks, that does look interesting, will test it out.