does not load entire .wav file

I’m editing a .wav file recorded from a voice mail message emailed to me by my voice mail provider, Segway. When I play the file in Windows Media Player the entire message plays. When I load it into Audacity, the last part is cut off. To clarify, the message is made up of as original VM at the end, comments by a second person as forwarded in the middle, and comments by a third person as they forwarded it to me. The first two parts are loading into Audacity and I can edit them. The last part, the original VM, is not loading and cannot be edited or played.

File type: .wav
Windows 7 64 bit
Audacity version: 2.3

I’m guessing that there’s something peculiar about that file.
How long is the track when imported into Audacity?
How long is the file when played with Windows Media Player?
What does this site say about your WAV file?