Does not detect my electric guitar

I have connected my electric guitar through this cable (Onetouch USB Interface cable).

It is basically a usb to 3.5 mm cable but i converted it to 1/4 inch by using a 3.5 mm to 1/4 inch adapter. I am using windows 7 x32.

Installed the necessary drivers (prolific usb) but still it isnt working.

I would be grateful if anyone can help me out.

Do you know of anybody who got this to work? Did you read about it somewhere?

I’m betting the Blood Glucose monitor is trying to talk to the computer in data, not warbling tones. Unless somebody argues with me, I think that’s not a USB/Audio interface.


No I dont know about anyone trying the same. I had this lying around the house and thought maybe I can give it a try.

So can you recommend which cable I should buy? I dont have much idea but I read up some articles regarding latency issues with some cables. Dont want that happening with the cable i buy.