Does Noise removing twice badly impact the actual rec?

pardon me Trebor for always bothering you.

I really like what you did on the track: ‘Dear Listener’ before-after de-ess + pseudo-stereo.flac’.

So we are now done with the 1-6 steps.

Please tell me:

Q1: What are the new steps that you applied?
Q2: What are the recommended settings?

Thanks a million Trebor!
PS: I am noting down all your advices and settings, and will post all the feedback!

A1) Steve’s pseudo-stereo plugin , and de-essing via “Spitfish” plugin.

A2) For Steve’s pseudo-stereo effect you first need to duplicate the single mono track to create “dual mono” : select all of the track and press “Crl”+“D” to create a Duplicate, then join these identical tracks with “make stereo track”. Then apply Steve’s pseudo-stereo effect to taste …
Steve's pseudo-stereo approx settings (adjust to taste).gif
You can apply de-ess at any stage in the process …
approximate ''spitfish'' de-esser settings used on ''Dear Listener''.png

I really appreciate it! I will use both steps in that order.

Thanks for your suggested settings in regards to the “Steve’s pseudo-stereo plugin”. I will follow the setting as the picture in the post is displayed, OK?

Do you have a recommended settings (certain levels) regarding “Spit fish”?

Thanks Trebor! :smiley:

The values I used were both around 22, feel free to experiment with these values but higher values , say above 40, will begin to interfere with ineligibility.

Copy how Spitfish appears in the picture above, the knob positions and whether lights are on or off, (the “Stereo” light is on, all the others are off. Click on a light to toggle its status). The de-ess frequency I selected is 7KHz.

You are life saver! Thanks a whole lot seriously!
Your time, efforts will not be forgotten.

Before we wrap this chain, may I ask 2 last questions?
I know I asked a lot and I am sorry for that.

Q1. I now have an excellent number of steps to make
an excellent recording; my question is remember Koz’s suggestion on page 1 (Sat Jun 29)?
Where he recommened notch filer (171,10). Is that helpful in my case?
I mean now that I have all the steps and settings that you provided?

Q2. Do you think after all the effects I will need levelator? Do the effects that you suggested replace the need for levaltor?
btw I am still going add to clips to my podcasts.
A VO talent, introducing the podcast and 2 artists singing a vocal accapella (no insturments).

Thanks a whole lot for everything. You truly made my day and the group of friends that are helping me with this voluntary work.

Koz is right : there is a peak in the background noise a 171Hz, (sounds like a fan), for completeness you could notch it out, but I doubt anyone will notice the difference, particularly after you’ve squelched the noise between phrases to flat-line. The ear is not equally sensitive to all frequencies , the 1KHz tone and its harmonics (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10KHz) were more audible than the 171Hz , which I why I suggested they be notched out.
Try notching out the pulsing 171Hz noise on a section of audio as an experiment, ( a lot of this stuff is by trial and error).
Peaks in noise 171Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz, 3KHz,,,,9KHz,10KHz.gif

Steve’s limiter plug-in (step 6), like the levelator, performs dynamic range compression. Taking two passes at dynamic-range-compression with different tools does occur, (i.e. using Steve’s limiter then the levelator could be OK ).