Does feature exist question - not metadata - not labels

I’m looking for a feature or function that would allow me to associate text (and/or text files, possibly with rtf) with a track or at a higher level, an arrangement. I’m aware of metadata and labeling but that’s not the sort of thing I’m talking about. Examples: For a guitar rhythm track I’d add chords/tabs to this text. For bass, the bass line. For the overall production, a todo list.

Does this exist and I’m missing it? (Metadata and labeling don’t seem to cover what I’m looking for as they are rather abbreviated in the format of their input.)

This sort of functionality would add a couple things to my life: 1) Remind me of what I’m doing when I’m trying to go back and work on something I first laid down n months ago. 2) Greatly enhance remote collaboration.

Feel free to throw rocks if I’ve missed this in the documentation. Cause, you know, how else at this stage in life am I going to get stoned?

The only thing I can think of is Karaoke or DVD/video with subtitles. I’m not sure how to create a Karaoke file and of course it takes a special player or player-software. And, a DVD isn’t something you can throw together while your writing a song.

There are ways to embed synchronized lyrics (such as MiniLyrics) but that may not be something you want to do either.