Does Audacity?

My son has learned the piano and wishes to record himself so he can recreate the album and either record it on CD’s or send it as MP3 files. Will Audacity enable him to do this?


Audacity has the little piece in the middle. He has to come up with a microphone and interface/digitizer system—and studio, if you have a bad room for echoes and reverb.

If its an electronic piano, that can relieve you of all the microphone craziness.

Once you get that far, you can record the work in Audacity, edit, filter it if needed and export sound files, one per song.

It’s up to you to apply the sound files to the CD Authoring and Burning program. That will allow you to order the songs and choose the blank spaces between songs. I think Windows Media will do that. I know iTunes will.

Audacity won’t burn anything.

So you are looking at a multi-step process and you need to get reasonably good at each step to create an Audio CD. About a third of forum postings is from people who got stuck at one of those steps.

For one example at random: When you make the sound files, the computer will insist on listing them alphabetically (computer order) and you can’t stop it. The CD Authoring and Burning program will let you change the order to the one you want (show order).


If its an electronic piano, that can relieve you of all the microphone craziness.

That’s the 1st question…

And if it’s an electronic piano/keyboard, do you have a laptop or a desktop/tower computer with a regular soundcard?

Yes. Audacity can record (and edit) and Audacity can make MP3s after installing the [u]optional LAME MP3 Encoder[/u].

If you want to make a CD, you can export to WAV and then burn to CD with a 3rd-party application.