Does audacity have "live" cursor position frequency analysis/spectrogram

I am a new user to Audacity. In a different audio software app that I was using one could mouse along the waveform (the timeline of the audio file) and at the position of the cursor the app would show the frequency spectrum at that particular time point (IOW, the spectrum at the cursor position) in the waveform.

I have not found a way to do this in Audacity. The closest I could find was to select a small time interval of the waveform and then do Analyze>Plot Spectrum. But this is cumbersome because I am looking for a particular frequency peak that could be anywhere in the waveform. I could potentially have to select a small region, Analyze, Plot spectrum hundreds of times to find the frequency peak that I am looking for.

Does Audacity have a live cursor position method to see the frequency spectrum instantly at any point in the waveform?

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Does the spectrogram help?

Real-time spectrogram plugins may suffice …
Voxengo SPAN - Free Spectrum Analyzer Plugin VST, AU, AAX (free)
TDR Prism | Tokyo Dawn Records (free)

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