Does anyone know how audacity determine pitch?

i have the option to look at the spectrum in frequency or time domain, but i want to know how and what algorithm they used to determine pitch?

Thank you guys…

Audacity uses FFT to determine this.
In Audacity 1.3, there are a number of options in “Edit > Preferences > Spectrograms” for changing the window type and FFT size.

yeah i would assume they use FFT based technique but i am very curious how they actually determine the pitch, do they use like a peak finder to pick out all the fundamentals or something else i dont know?..i guess i am looking into more about the programming side of the function

i am currently writing my own algorithm to determine the “true” pitch, and i’ve been using audacity to be the “right” pitch, but that just make me wonder how they know they are getting the right pitch. how certain are they ?

taking FFT certainly give you a plot of all the fundamental frequencies, but there are also noise that make the determination lil harder…


all you need to do is to select some audio first for the effects to work on. Use CTRL+A to slect the whole track or click and drag with your cirsor in the track to selec a section only.


If you find that the menu options are disabled, it is mostly because you have pressed pause button.
Click the Stop button and most of the menu options would become enabled.

This is the case even if ANY one of the audacity windows is having the audio paused.