Documentation of SoundTouch Library

In the documentation of the SoundTouch Library - which is here: - could we add a little note at the end of the third paragraph? Anything along these lines would be fine:

Note: While the SBSMS algorithm will preserve the overall loudness of the original track, please note that peak levels of some waveforms may be substantially higher.

Thank you!

I think that if we did that, then by the same rationale there would need to be similar warning for all other effects that may cause the peak level to change (which is most of them).

Then suggest a generic Effects page that you can link to - and add links to this page from the individual effects as needed.

E.g., something along these lines: For additional information would send you to a page that had this info.

OR - at a minimum - add some sort of obvious warning in the Index of Effects, Generators, Analyzers and Tools

This is precisely what I am considering.

There is no rush, as I can only edit the alpha Manual for the upcoming 2.3.3 version. We cannot edit the Manuals for released Audacity versions.

But this is duly noted.


Thanks for following up on this.

I have added this advice on the following two pages in the alpha Manual for the upcoming 2.3.3 release



and in the Wiki here



Thanks again Peter. I realize (as Steve implied earlier) that putting the warning in the Wiki is sort of a “slippery slope”, since most effects can have unanticipated side effects. But - at least for this end user - that is the best place, since it is easily overlooked in the Effects & Analyzers menu pages.