Docking HEAD, floating audio

Simple question about Audacity interface. By default, the interface shows a fragment of audio, and head flies from left to right. Is it possible in Audacity to dock head (green triangle) and make audio track floating?

Why would you want to float the audio tracks?

Believe me or not, but I prefer to work with floating audio. It’s easier for me.

Why do you prefer it? What advantage does it have?

It is a question only of my habits. Frequently working with one path on which I recorded voice. Rare use of more paths. Am I to understand that there is no possibility of blocking the Audacity’s head? If NO, it’s fine, I get use to it.

I’m not really sure what you mean. Could you describe what you mean in terms of the descriptions given here: (see the “bubble text” that pop up when you hover the mouse over parts of the image)