Do project files work across different OSes?

Say I make an Audacity project (.aup) on a machine running Windows 7.
If I try to open this same .aup on a mac, will it work? If not, is there any way I can convert the project to the mac version of an audacity project?

The Audacity data format works on all platforms. But remember that the AUP file and the _data folder have to stay together. Transferring the AUP file alone will not work.
See this page in the manual.

You also need to be careful about file names. This is mostly an issue when going from Mac to Windows. Some characters are valid for filenames on Mac but not on Windows.
See here for the file name restrictions on Windows:
On Mac, most characters are valid but colon (“:”) and backslash ("") are “special” and best avoided.

For maximum portability, use alpha-numeric character, underscore (“_”) and hyphen (“-”) only.

alpha-numeric character

That’s upper case, lower case and numbers.

Today is 2018-02-28. Not 2/28/18.


We can’t emphasize enough the file names are burned into the AUP file. You can’t change them outside of Audacity.