Do not want to lose the original audio file. Will there always be a default file or copy?

I want to make adjustments and experiment with an audio file but I don’t want to lose the original. Will there always be a default copy/file of the original recording or I have to remember what I did and return to original settings manually?

You should make a ‘copy’ of the original file onto a different drive or other media before you open it in Audacity. Thumb Drive? This may be a good place for a cloud drive. That’s best. If you can’t do that, I think Windows lets you copy a file to a different directory or folder and you can edit the original without touching the copy. Not Move. Actually make a second file.

Macs let you make a “Duplicate” of a file with the word “Copy” in the filename.

Consult your computer instructions.

You can Back Up from editing or effects or filters by selecting Edit > UNDO. You can do that as long as Audacity is open. The instant you close Audacity, UNDO goes away.