Do I really need 3.0.2?

I read the fixes and from what I can tell 3.0.2 should not effect/improve my experience with 3.0 which I have not had any problems with… I have Windows 7 which I have not updated for years, about 3, when I think the virus master was still offering them. Anyway I use this Win7/computer setup offline (underground) and it works fine for what I do (see below/…world domination).

My question is: Should I risk the update to 3.0.2? - Considering, it seems 3.0.2 fixes are all for things I am not familiar with so assume I don’t need, based on what I use Audacity for … or I assume, they will not effect my experience either way … Though I am not sure about this.

My music is recorded stand alone with low tech/low quality devices (such as, Tascam DR05 portable recorder, 1/8 inch dynamic mic, Olympus Voice Recorder, Canon camera: video.)

I then upload the recordings to my computer and edit them with Audacity, using variations of these plugins:

GVST compressors, GVST limiter, TDR Nova EQ/Compressor, “Paul L” (Audacity Forum) plugins de-click and de-ess.

And these Audacity effects: plot spectrum analysis, amplify, noise reduction, high pass filter, notch filter, envelope tool, repair, adjustable fade, limiter and loudness normalization.

I also occasionally experiment with a new plugin (.dll or .ny).

Anyone’s thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks Audacity Team and all,

Captain Ron - experimental vocal/guitar, lo-fiction blues. SOUNDCLICK.COM/CAPTAINRON

Knowing the kind of thing that you use Audacity for, I’d suggest that you stick with your current version for as long as you use Windows 7.
If / when you eventually update to Windows 10, then that would be a good time to update to whatever is the latest version of Audacity.

We no longer officially support Windows 7, and Audacity 3.x has not been tested on Windows 7, so imo it’s an unnecessary risk to update Audacity on your system. Stick with what works for you :slight_smile:

Thanks Steve, yes got it… but for the record: Audacity 3.0 is working fine in my mentioned situation with Windows 7… thanks, thanks. =)