Do I Need Izotope for Improving Voice Over Audio?

You guys/gals have been wonderful! Back with another newbie question:

Do I need Izotope for Improving VO audio? And if so, which Izotope product do I need, they’ve got a bunch on their web site.



Since you don’t seem to have a specific problem, I’d go with the fewest patches, corrections, fixes, and effects. Each extra step you apply to the show takes up time and that removes the work from presentation.

There’s a addition problem. If you apply a basket of changes to your shows, you have to remember to apply the same basket to each show—or at least the shows that are expected to match.

Then there’s the career move of buying a new microphone and have to customize all the changes…

Post the short voice test and we can see if we can find anything broken. If not, don’t apply anything.

Do it exactly as it says. Don’t apply any corrections.


If you can load the free version of TDR Nova plugin into Audacity,
it makes up for Audcaity’s deficiencies:
TDR Nova is a real-time equalizer, compressor & de-esser …

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