DJM900 NXS recording on opensuse leap 15.2


should plugging in the djm900nxs mixer into he laptop and select that as audio source work? Reason I ask is that
it bugs out and before I start to trace down what happens et al – I want to make sure that it’s supposed to work.

liinux: opensuse 15.2
audacity 2.2.2
distribution release

Unless there has been an update that I’ve not found, it appears that Pioneer do not support Linux:

yeah that’s my post actually.

I did notice that the kernel at least detects that this is a DJM900NXS mixer so I was wondering…

If I spin up vmware and run windows 10 with the asio (?) dirver, I can record via audacity.

While connected, audacity died when seleting default, under linux.
Just checked that this also happens when the mixer is not cnnected.

Not sure f this ever would benefit audacity but I do have found a long time ago a publishced open source
driver for the 900 on the mac; Obviosly, being a linux man I don’t have a mac. It’s in C++ but maybe of interest
or useable for a reference?

The Windows release of Audacity does not support ASIO (due to licensing restrictions), but works fine with ordinary Windows drivers.

I’ve not used vmware on Linux, but I do use VirtualBox.

Running Windows 10 in VirtualBox, the default sound card is a virtual device that connects to the host machine’s sound system (usually PulseAudio). This will not help as the DJM900 is not working with PulseAudio. However, VirtualBox also allows USB devices to be seen by the guest system, so it “may” be possible to then use native Windows drivers for the DJM900. Performance takes a bit of a hit in VirtualBox, but on my i7 laptop Audacity is perfectly usable. If you have the time to try, then I think it’s worth giving it a go.

yes I know – I do run linux and workstation which has windows and uses the djm900nxs driver and audacity. wWorks perfectly fine even on my i3.

Just hoping that some day someone can port the apple code to an usb driver in inux then.