Djm 800 to Sony VPCC laptop

Hey guys,

Ive been trying to record one of my dj sets at home but im having a little trouble. Im using an Rca cable which goes from the back of my mixer in the record slots to my laptops microphone jack port. If i leave the normal levels on my mixer it records to loud and is really distorted. However if i turn the chanel volume down on the mixer to nearly nothing, which meens i then have to turn the main booth output to the max just so i can here it through my monitors then it works better.

Is there not an easier way? Am i doing somethign wrong or have i missed something? I read that you have to make your microphone port ‘line level’ or something but ii cant seem to be able to do that on my laptop.

Hope you can help,


Yes, you are feeding a high strength line level signal into a jack socket (“Mic in”) that is expecting a teeny weeny low strength signal. It will inevitably overload. You’ll need to wait for one of the senior elves to come along and offer practical advice as to a solution because I don’t use my computer as a recording machine.

ok thanks mate :slight_smile: