DJM 700, Audacity, and dell laptop

Hi guys, quick question. I tried doing a record test last nite and I think I am doing something wrong. I plugged the jacks into the back of the 700 and then plugged into the mic of the dell laptop. when I look at audacity, I saw this green bar fluctuating. I I looked at my laptop and the HD light was doing the same so I assumed that it was picking up the HD processing. Also the Dell laptop does not have separate Mic and Headphone plugs, they are together. I don’t know if that matters or not. One last thing, and this may be very dumb on my part (and I will admit to having a serious brain fart on this) , the jack go into the record feature of the mixer and the quarter inch goes into the mic/headphone section, and Audacity should pick it up right away correct. Or am I doing something wrong.

Not all laptops are the same, but generally the “Mic” input on a laptop is for a “mono computer microphone” and not suitable for recording high level signals such as mixers / CD players / MP3 players / keyboards / anything else.

The usual solution is to use a USB “stereo line level” audio device. I use a Behringer UCA-202 (cheap, effective and surprisingly good sound quality for the price - much better than any laptop sound card).

Also the Dell laptop does not have separate Mic and Headphone plugs, they are together.

Right. So the laptop has a headset connection suitable for both microphone and headphones in one. It’s the one plug version of this.

That can be easily adapted to headphones or, with a little more work, a microphone, but not stereo recording.

This is a Behringer UCA-202 USB adapter. It will adapt both directions, stereo recording and playback, comes with its own headphone connection and has been certified for overdubbing (should you want that sort of thing).


Oh, and yes. If you want to record from the laptop, that’s the other two connections on the UCA-202. That’s a little more of a juggling act, but that’s how I did my podcast test. Music from the computer, voice on the mixer and recording in Audacity.


A note that although stereo recording and stereo playback at the same time are both fully supported, magic applications like Games and Skype are not so easy. Both of those try to take over all sound pathways and it’s not clear who might win. That’s not a simple USB adapter (although it can be. YMMV, consult your local listings, void where prohibited).


Oh, is this a feed from your Spotify license (or one of those services). Yes I think that should work. I think that’s how the local club does it. They’re after me to join their license.

Be careful with hot keys. Control-Whatever is service-command for Next Song, but it stopped the Audacity recording.

… Oopsie.


This is perfect thank you. One stop to Frys Electronics, and another to Guitar Center, and boom I will be making mixes Thank you so much