Dj and Record at the same time with my KAOSS pad

I am using an alienware mx14 which has 2 headphone ports and 1 mic or line in port (not sure exactly, it is the same size as the headphone jacks). So with virtual dj I have been able to use the 2 headphone ports to be able to play music through speakers while cueing with my headphones. That includes having my KAOSS pad on the output to speakers. I am trying to take the music being put thru the kaoss pad and record it through the line in port with audacity. I have all the cables plugged in correctly I believe. have gone thru many pages of “using your line in to record” Am I missing something super simple?

Line out 1 cue headphones
line out 2 to kaoss pad
kaoss pad to line in
That is what i am trying to accomplish

Alienware Mx14
Windows 7 64 bit
Realtek High Definition Audio
Kaoss pad

Ok so a bit more detail

Virtual Dj already manages taking 1 and 2 in the image and making 1 the cue listening output and 2 the main out put for speakers.
this is then put thru the kaoss pad which brings us to 3 which goes back to the laptop into the mic input. just can’t figure out how to get audacity to pull sound from 3 after it has been effected by the kaoss pad. all wires have been tested and the audio is going thru just not able to get audacity to record from the mic input on cable 3

Am I missing something super simple?

No, you’re missing something complex. Normal computers only have two sound channels, Record and Play. If you have two working Play channels, headphone cueing and playback, you’re already far beyond what the basic machine can do – probably set up by custom drivers in your music software.

There’s no capture service in your DJ software? That’s a little rough to believe, but the Music Industry is a strange and wondrous thing.

Ordinarily, we would point you to the “Recording Music Playing on the Computer” segment of the instructions, but there’s an almost perfect certainty that it’s not going to work for you. That and you’re using Win7 which has very much reduced self-recording tools compared to the earlier versions of Windows.

Worth a shot.

You might be able to record the mix on your second computer. I may have the only iPod Touch on earth that won’t record. I think the iPhone will do that, too.


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Wait. Where’s the response? Koz

Thanks so much for the tutorial!!!

I would never in a million years have figured out where to find/how to turn on this “hidden” stereo mix device to play and record at the same time. Seems pretty sketchy for manufacturers to “hide” the thing from people in the first place… but oh well lol

Thanks again. You guys are awesome!