Dividing tracks

First time user of Audacity. How do I separate tracks from old cassettes that have static or other noise between tracks? I exported a file but it runs as 1 track and recorded to audio cd as 1 track instead of 8.

There are a few ways of doing this… If I want a separate file for each song I simply select/highlight one song at a time an then File → Export → Export Selected Audio, using the song title as the file name. I find it easier to select a little extra audio and then re-open the individual files and zoom-in to trim the ends.

There is also a way to [u]labeling the tracks to spit automatically[/u].

Or you can leave one long file and use a [u]cue sheet[/u] to tell your CD burning software where to put the track markers. I use ImgBurn with cue sheets, and I start with a known-good cue sheet and then use Windows Notepad to edit the cue sheet to I actually need.

The cue sheet method is especially handy if you have a “live” recording where you want to add track markers without breaks in the audio. You can also use a cue sheet if you have individual files for each song, (You may have to manually rename the file from .TXT to .CUE.)