Dividing one long track into smaller tracks

Windows 7, SP3 / Audacity 1.3.12BETA

I am recording a collection of old 33s into audacity in order to put them on CD, for convenience.
When I start a record into Audacity, it creates one long track containing multiple songs. After finishing each record, how do I divide the string of songs so that each song is a separate track, for the CD?

I am recording from a Fisher MT715 turntable, out of the headphone output of a Technics stereo receiver, SA-GX170, in through the mic input of my laptop, bypassing the EQ for authentic sound. the only editing I’m doing is one pass of noise reduction and deleting the pops from the record grooves, which are very few. These records look like they’ve hardly been played at all. Amazing!

Thanks ahead of time for any help you can give me.
Be blessed, DT

how do I divide the string of songs so that each song is a separate track, for the CD?

The short answer is to create a label under the blue waves at the beginning of each song and File > Export Multiple.

The detailed version is written here. Scroll down to the tutorials.


I know someone is going to object to you using Audacity 1.3.12. That’s a very old version of Audacity, but I remember using it for a long time.

I do object to your using the Mic-In of your laptop. Unless you have a very talented laptop, that connection is designed for a mono, analog microphone…

…and very little else.

The connection overloads very easily on loud passages and you may notice if you listen to the file on headphones that even though you hear music on left and right, some of the instruments are missing – such as the ones normally on the right. What’s that, cellos and bass, I think?

Play a record where you know there’s a difference between left and right and I bet the difference goes away in the computer.

For computers that have no convenient Stereo Line-In, I use a Behringer UCA-202.

Other people make similar devices, but I’ve had good luck with these and I use them at work.


Koz, thanks for your quick reply.
I use this connection because it is “what I have”. I have had good success with it, so far, and have no complaints at the results.
I appreciate the suggestions, but doubt I’ll spend the money for that, just for what I do. This music was recorded in the 40s, so it is monaural anyway. This is a Glenn Miller Collection of 6 records.

I have another connector that I haven’t tried yet. It is a 10 pin serial plug into the computer, but only has one wire that is ended with a miniature stereo phone plug (male). I bought this on a recommendation from a friend. I found another way to connect so have never tried it. I have an adaptor which adapts the mini, to a 1/4’ stereo phone plug(male), so it can go into the output of the stereo receiver. I may try it tomorrow and see if it gets into the computer. maybe that will help.

In regard to the original problem I had about separating track, I found that information when I downloaded the manual for the Audacity. I know the 1.3.12 is old, but again…it’s what I have.

Actually, I have version 1.0.3 on my newer laptop, but the mic input on it isn’t working at all. If this series plug input works, I can go directly into my newer laptop. I know this sounds complicated but that’s “what I have”, again.

Thanks for your help. May God add His blessing to 2014, for you.
be blessed, DT

You will almost certainly get a better signal if instead of using the headphone output on the Technics you use the “Tape Out” on the rear panel of the receiver (usually a pair of white/red RCA sockets). If you use the headphone socket then you are passing the signal through an additional mini-amp in the device before it gets delivered to the headphone socket. It does have the advantage though that you can control the signal level via the Technics.


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What input of the Technics are you connecting to? If it’s a phono input you are not bypassing the RIAA equalization, nor should you be assuming this is a modern LP reissue which would have been processed with RIAA.