dividing files

As a non teckie, I would appreciate any advice on the following minor problem. I listen to audio books and lectures in mp3 format. My cd player does not have a resume function. Hence if interrupted in the middle or towards the end of a chapter, i must revert to the beginning once again. Is there any way in Audacity, which will enable me to divide a 45 minute file into 4 or 5 files?.
Many thanks

Ceate labels at the points you want the divisions to occur, use the Ctrl-B shortcut, and don’t forget to create a label right at the beginning of the recording. Then use the Export Multiple as MP3. You will then get separate MP3 files for each “chapter”.

When you export them I suggest that you set the “Album name” to be the book/lecture name - then the group of MP3 files can be collected together more easily by wahtever MP3 player software/hardware you use.