dividing albums into tracks

I have successfully transfered some of my vynal records to CDs but dividing the abums into tracks is difficult.
Selecting “Fit Project in Window” tool then zooming out does not show the tracks on screen anything like the diagrams in the manual, so far I have played the album through again to find the seperation between the tracks but this makes it a slow job.
Is there something I am doing/not doing which would make this easier
Please Help

Short answer: no you’re doing it right

Long answer:
The amount of gap between tracks that you can see is entirely down to the amount of space laid down by the sound engineeer when he/she cut the original master. You may see the gaps clearer if you fit the project to the window and then magnify a bit by zooming IN not out. It also helps when the original LP comes with track listings with track timings - then you know how far you have to advance your cursor to get to the next track.

What I do to make things a little simpler for myself is when I am making the Audacity recording from an LP/tape, I make a little crib-shet noting the start-time of each track and a note of the times where any clicks/pops are that I will want to edit out later.

AFAIK there is currently no automated way in Audacity to find the inter-track breaks, IIRC there have been requests for this is the wishlist for future additions to the s/w.


Thank you for your prompt reply.
Some of my LPs are made in concert with applause between tracks, these were difficult but studio produced LPs i.e a young Shirley Bassey, old Nat King Cole LPs have been much easier to divide.
I’ve taken your advice to zoom in as well as out also counting the number of tracks to corrospond to the LP helps, it’s still not all that easy though and requires a very steady hand, I must say that the quality of sound is very good from my ION USB Turntable and so far I have only used the Normalising programme, no cleaning.
Once again Thank you for your help, in the meantime I’ll go on the wish list.