Divide voice from all noises

Hi everyone on the forum, I just registered because I don’t have much experience in audio editing. I only downloaded Audacity because I need to do something but I don’t know if it’s possible. Since I am studying video game programming and they are based on anime, I would need to insert the characters’ voices taken from them. I know how to take and cut out bits of audio that interest me, but the problem is that while the characters speak there is always an annoying and loud background noise like an explosion etc … It would be useful if I could divide the voice from everyone the noises even if it were a complicated thing … But can it be done with audacity? Or with other programs?

Audacity can’t easily split a mixed performance into individual voices, instruments, or sounds.

We can’t isolate the cellos in the orchestra, split the tenors in a barbershop quartet, or remove explosions from a narration.

If anybody could easily and reliably do that, there would be no need for the microphone pileup at a news event.


ok thanks for the answer …