Divide tracks by chain

Hello. I need to create chain which:

  1. increases track’s tempo by 50%;
  2. divides track into pieces (files) of 30 minutes and the residue (last file < 30 min);
  3. converts these tracks into mp3.

Now I can perform steps 1 and 3 (one file by one track) with parameters of the chain:
01 | ChangeTempo | Percentage=“50,000000000000”
02 | ExportMP3
03 | END

How to change the scheme (add parameters) for step 2 (divide track into 30 min. files)?

I mean Audacity → File → Apply / Edit Chain

Sorry but the Chains feature is not yet sophisticated enough to do that. Two essential ingredients are missing:
1)Include features dependent on selecting regions
2) Export Multiple

I’ve added your “vote” for these features to be developed.
These are not easy features to add, so I doubt that they will be developed soon, but I have logged your interest on the Audacity “feature request” page of the wiki.

I’ve also moved this topic to the “adding features” part of the forum.

Ok. Thank you very much for your answer.
P. s. I divided tracks by freeware mp3DirectCut (batch processing with pause detection).