disturbing crackling in the record during camper holiday

I am new at this forum and not so familiar with Audacity (vs 2.4.2) and my english is not so good.
My problem is the records, i made in the past, gave disturbing crackling in a regular way. Someone told me to use Audacity to filter these cracling out.
I have tried several effects but have no idea what i am doing. I attached a sample of my problem in WAV. If it is possible a step by step solution would be very helpfull.
PS: The lenght of the record should not be changed.

That is just noise. :confused:

I’ll tried the Noise Reduction Effect but not only the crackling sound is less but also the motorsound of the camper. I meant to get rid of the ticks/crackling(higher frequens) what is superimposed at the sound of the motor

OK, so you can try this:

  1. Select a few seconds of your crackling motorsound.
  2. Select Effect > Nyquist > High Pass Filter > 400 Hz > 24dB Rolloff > OK
  3. Effect > Built-in > Noise Reduction > Get Noise Profile
  4. Undo > High-Pass Filter
  5. Select All
  6. Effect > Built-in > Noise Reduction > OK

I hope this helps. (Why does this work?) :smiley: