Distortion with M-Audio Delta 1010LT audio card?

My old SoundBlaster audio card finally died so I upgraded to an M-Audio Delta 1010LT (on Win XP SP3). I have a recording made with Audacity at work (Win 7 64-bit). I also used Audacity to output a WAV and an MP3 of that first version from work.

Here’s where the weirdness starts: When I brought these files (and folders) home. With my new audio card, the WAV plays fine in Windows Media Player, the MP3 plays fine in WinAmp, but If I launch playback of the source in Audacity, distortion is horrendous. There’s no clipping; amplitude is well within reason. Output volume from Audacity is set at about 60% – changing it has no effect. I’ve also tinkered with the Default Sample Format in Audacity but no luck. Tried changing the DMA Buffer Size in the Delta, also no luck.

Why is Audacity my only software that can’t play normally through the new card???

That’s not a plain sound card is it? It’s multi-channel in and out. So that’s the first red flag.

What does the Audacity Device Toolbar say under the speaker icon – where does it think it’s playing the show? You can look in Audacity Preferences > Devices as well.

Audacity doesn’t support ASIO multi-channel software. If the soundcard needs ASIO to work, then the two are going to miss each other.


Yes, multichannel in/out, but no required ASIO. Did some more testing. Any/all tests using any permutation of Windows DirectSound as Audio Host is horrendous regardless, for whatever reason. MME and a few of the following combinations are reducing the distortion from horrendous to merely awful, but that’s progress. The drop-down next to the speaker icon (Output Device) is set to channels 1/2, which I’ve confirmed are routed to my powered speakers. That leaves the mystery of where to set the drop-down next to the mic icon (Input Device)? Both Microsoft SoundMapper and the card’s “Multi” option are more awful. All the other options are somewhat less awful. No luck messing about with preferences/devices. I’m running out of knobs to twiddle. What next?