Distortion whilst playing back my DJ mix

Hello i am only 15 years old, i have 2x Gemini XL 300 turntables and 1x Behringer VMX 300 mixer, i have been recording mixes on audacity but they have been hitting the red bars on audacity even when i turn down my gains on both channel’s it still is very poor… :confused: i really dont no what to do i have the lead which is connected to my tape output ( as i dont have recording output on my mixer) but people have told me its fine to record from the tape, then the lead has a headphones end to it which plugs into my microphone socket on my laptop, (Because there is no other socket to put it into), This records fine but just is distorted bad, i can give you some print screens if yu would like? I really want to get this sorted. Thanks :slight_smile:

So to sum this up

  1. The Gain on both channel’s is right down but its still distorted.
  2. The red bars are hitting the lines I on audacity.
  3. Its even worse when i bring in teh second track at the same time like mixed.

That is the No# 1 problem. Microphones produce teeny-weeny little signals, whereas a “Line level” (record out) from a mixer gives a signal that is massively bigger. With your equipment you need to turn the level down in the mixer until it is virtually inaudible so that it can record without recording (not ideal). Alternatively you need to upgrade the sound card (a USB sound card) and use one that has a “Line level” input (I use a Behringer UCA 202 - about $25).

Ok thanks well even if i turn my gain and level’s right down it still isnt very clear. So i should buy a sound card yes? and because i dont have much clue of this it basically plugs into my laptop from usb… and then i plug the headphone socket from the lead into that?

The Behringer VMX 300 mixer will have a line level output that will suit a USB sound card that has Line level inputs. As I said, I use a UCA-202 in this way. If you check the manual for the mixer it will probably tell you exactly how to connect it all together (Behringer manuals are usually pretty good in that respect).

ok thankyou for your help i will buy a UCA 202 up town today. :slight_smile: Cheers, i will tell you how it goes.