distortion recording computer playback [SOLVED]


  1. importing MP3 and listening is OK
  2. recording with an external sound card is OK
  3. recording “what you hear” gives a strong distortion. The microphone cursor is grey so for the moment, it seems impossible to lower the level of recording.
    Any help welcome
    Jean Pierre

Please read the pink panel at the top of the page and give us that information.

Try turning off Transport > Software Playthrough.

You may have an obsolete version of Audacity, or the drivers for your built-in audio device may not be working correctly. You may be able to adjust the recording level in the sound control panel in Windows.


Thank you. I forgot: Windows7 pro. latest version of Audacity (it just works fine on two other computers which have Realteck devices).
The computer in case has a Gforce card (video and sound but don’t find any recording cursor). The recording cursor of Windows is as low as possible but when recording with Audacity, it comes to saturation
Jean Pierre

Is that 2.1.1? Please look at Help > About Audacity… and confirm all three version numbers.

The English word for the control that adjusts the volume is “slider”.

Did you turn off software playthrough?

What device are you choosing as recording device in Device Toolbar? Give us the exact name, and tell us what “host” you are selecting in the first box in Device Toolbar.

If you choose Windows WASAPI host and the loopback input that should not distort because the input level is predetermined, but the Audacity recording volume slider may be greyed out in that case.

Describe the sound card. Do you mean “Geforce” and are you playing audio over HDMI to a monitor? Where is the source of the audio you are recording?


Thank you for the “slider”!

I turn off software playthrough and that was the solution
Thank you