distortion on record

New user with record level or distortion problem. I’m trying to record from a r-t-r tape deck (using audacity 1.2.6) and a compaq presario desktop computer, running win 7, realtek HD sound. the recording I get sounds like it’s over driven, and probably clipping the high end. Taking the output of the deck from either the line out or headphone out, same result. Adjusting either the audacity record level, the mixer level or headphone level had no effect. I suspect input mismatch, and wonder if I need a small circuit to take care of that, like a preamp?

If you have a desktop computer, it probably has a “real” soundcard in it and it has a blue Line-In jack. That’s the one you should be using, not the pink Mic-In.

Scroll down to connections…



Kinda dark where my computer back end is…even looked with a flashlight…only plug not i.d’ed didn’t look blue…but will have to give it another look. I was thinking it was an input mismatch anyway…
outside of that minor detail, it appears that audacity will be perfect for what I need. Thanks

Finally got around to changing the plug…took care of it. Some days I just astound myself with my ability to forget things. I read in the audacity manual about the blue jack…Oy, veh!