Distortion/noise not on .mp3 file caused by audacity

A strange noise comes from my speakers when i try to play back imported audio. I’ve tried opening the audio file instead of importing it, but no luck. I’ve also tried plugging in different speakers/changing my playback device, but still no luck. The file is a simple beat from youtube if that helps. Strangely enough the noise keeps up with the beat, but i cant find the origin of the noise when i play it in other audio players and on youtube. Any help would be appreciated! (2.3.3)

How does the waveform look in Audacity? Is there any clipping of waves?

I realized youtube automatically lowered the volume of the entire beat to avoid distortion, however when I play it on audacity it is just too loud for the software to handle and causes it to make some strange noises. I fixed it by lowering the volume of the original video, thanks for the response though.