Distortion In Headphones While Overdubbing

I was trying to overdub a track for a music project I was working on, but I found that once i pressed Record, the song I was listening in on to overdub turned crackly and distorted. The same song played just fine, clearly and all, before I pressed record, and after I stopped recording. I have my headphones plugged into the recorder, which is a Zoom H5 4 Track recorder. It is then plugged into my computer. The track that I was overdubbing came out fine. It was clear. But trying to listen to the original track that im overdubbing onto was painful and I had to stop. Do you guys have any ideas about how I can fix this? I thank you.

Not in a “Push this button” sense.

You could get an error like that if Windows is set up wrong. If you’re not set up to record the H5 but instead one of the Windows settings that allow you to record YouTube music, then when you pressed record, the backing track would smash into itself, maybe multiple times.

This does sound …vaguely… familiar.

Audacity > Edit > Preferences> Recording. Make sure [_] Playthrough is turned off.