Distortion Effect

A simple distortion effect.
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Installation instructions: http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Download_Nyquist_Plug-ins#Installing_Plug-ins
simple-distortion.ny (1.03 KB)

It does what it says on the box. Is there an interaction between the wave result and DC Removal? Some of the levels of distortion have significant wave non-symmetry.

I used it with a mono guitar track. Does it work in stereo? Does it work if you’re black and play the Star Spangled Banner?


The distortion favours even harmonics (like valve amplifier distortion) which produces non-symmetric waveforms.
The low cut filter frequency can be adjusted, but is always on, which helps to avoid excessive DC offset.

It will work with a stereo track. The processing of each channel is identical to processing a mono track, so there is no “stereo effect” produced by the distortion - If the input is true stereo, the output will be true stereo - if the input is 1 or 2 channel mono, the output will be 1 or 2 channel mono.

You would probably want to also add some stereo chorus, reverb, and equalization, but yes it can be used as one element in a more complex effect. The effect is supported in Chains so a complex “multi-effect” can be applied with few mouse clicks and reused in other projects.