Distortion and muffled soundtrack

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I have 2 problems in the soundtrack I’m editing. This is a recording of someone trying to explain “how to”.

  1. Throughout the entire soundtrack there is a distortion whistle when she speakes. I can’t isolate it because it happens only when she speaks and not when she’s quite - how can I reduce this whistle?
  2. The recording sounds muffled - how can I make it clearer?
    (I’m using the 2.0.3 version )

This is a recording of someone trying to explain “how to”.

… there is a distortion whistle

…The recording sounds muffled

:smiley: Have you considered written instructions? :smiley:

You may be able to make some improvement, but you can’t turn a bad recording into a good recording.

There’s no substitute for starting-out with a good recording. There is a good reason professional recordings are still made in soundproof studios with good equipment.

Maybe you can re-record with a better setup… You can get very good results with a “studio style” or “podcast style” USB microphone (as long as you have good acoustics in your “studio”, good microphone placement, and a good “performance”.)

Regular “computer gaming” microphones, “communictions” microphones, and the mics built into laptops are not that good.

distortion whistle when she speaks. …how can I reduce this whistle?

You can try a notch filter. But, you’ll have to find the right frequency. You may be able to find the frequency with Analyze → Plot Spectrum, but there are many frequencies at once with a voice (or any natural sound) so if that whistle doesn’t “pop out” in the spectral display, it may take some trial-and-error. It may be more than one frequency, or the frequency may not be constant.

You can also do some experimenting with the Equalizer, turning-down one frequency-band at a time to see which one affects the whistle the most. That may actually be enough, and you may not need a notch filter.

You can’t remove distortion.

The recording sounds muffled - how can I make it clearer?

Try experimenting with the Equalizer. Boosting the mid-high to high frequencies (the sliders on the right hand side) will tend to boost “T” and “S” sounds. But, that will also boost noise and any remaining whistle.

Did you shoot it?

Post some of it here on the forum. A good quality Mono MP3 should give us an idea what you have.


This may just make it clear to us why you need to reshoot it.


Hey i have a 2 min AMR file voice recording, I cant figure out how to make it clearer or translate what was said. . I was wondering if you can help me with it please. I can pay for your time.

If the sound quality is so bad that you can’t hear what is being said, then it is almost certainly beyond repair.

Also, it’s a bad idea to post your email address on public forums as “spambots” search forums for email addresses.