Distortet thin low sound when recording [SOLVED]

Hi Guys.
I’ve been using Audacity for many years now for Digitizing records.
Sometime ago i formatted my pc and installed the latest Audacity 2.3.2.
I plugged in and adjusted my Behringer ufo202 and tried to record, but the sound
was very low and thin. The record slider was all the way up. I Checked the windows sound properties/Advanced
it said 2 channel 16bit 44100Hz cd quality, just as in Audacity. I used the Behringer as Record device and Realtek for playing.
I thougt maybe the Behringer was defect, so i got my second recordplayer wich is a Pioneer plx 500 USB player and plugged that in.
But it was the same bad quality even a bit more because sometimes the sound dived down.
I then got my win 7 laptop and tried both Behringer and Pioneer plx 500 but i got the same problem.

I never had these issues before, what is happening. i’ve recorded many years with Audacity and i’m so fustrated.

Can anyone please help me.

Check if your record deck requires “Line” or “Phono” setting on the UFO-202, and check that the UFO-202 is set accordingly (the switch on the side).

The Behringer is set to Phono so is the recordplayer. When i tried the Pioneer plx 500 via usb it was set to Usb.


If you change the switch position to “Line”, does the recorded sound become even quieter and thinner, or does it make no difference? If it makes no difference, then the switch may be faulty or have dirty contacts, in which case spraying out the switch with switch cleaner may fix it. (Be careful of using solvents on the Behringer - some solvents may attack the plastic case). Sometimes it is sufficient to just exercise the switch a few times to clean the contacts.

The level stays the same…
Shouldn’t it turn off when switched to “line”

When set to “Line”, the Behringer is expecting a relatively high signal level.

When set to “Phono”, the Behringer is expecting a much lower signal level with very little bass. On this setting, the Behringer’s “phono pre-amp” should boost the bass and increase the signal level considerably, but it sounds like that is not happening.

That could sound like a problem, but i still think it is wierd that i get the same low volume with slider all the way up on the pioneer plx 500’s buildt in card without the Behringer and on another pc

Hey Steve.
You where right, it is the "Line/Phono switch that’s the problem.
I flicked it a couple of time during a recording and the roof nearly came down… the volume was back.

Thanx many time for you help.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I’ll close this topic as “solved”.