Distorted Sound When Monitoring

yes it does…you can see what I called the green cable from the tape recorder to the dongle

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  1. If the level is too high for recording, the signal coming from the tape unit is too high. Is there a volume control on the tape unit. On the PC side, use the computer’s volume control. Audacity is not involved here.

  2. Try Transport > Rescan Audio Devices

  3. Yes.

The volume control on the tape recorder makes no difference so I a going to wait until I get the correct RCA leads then try the Transport>Rescan Audio Devices. In the mean time I have reconnected the original dongle and get the same muffled sound but in stereo, I also get an Error code 9997 Invalid Sample Rate which I will sort out when I get the leads.

Thank you for your help.

I have all the RCA connections in place but the volume is far too loud, but perfect, and using the volume control on the tape recorder makes no difference. Using Transport>Rescan Audio Devices results in nothing being shown.

Good. If you have a UFO202, be sure that the switch is in the LINE position NOT PHONO. After you record, you can always use Effect > Amplify to decrease the volume. If you think the you are still getting overmodulation between the tape unit and the Behringer, a change in hardware may be in order, but I don’t have any recommendations to share. Perhaps someone else does.

No the sound is perfect and in stereo, the problem is that is is very loud and no matter what I try I cannot alter it. When I try monitoring the sound through Audacity nothing shows on the meter…in fact it seems to be bypassing Audacity somehow.

I am going to have to step away from this discussion. Others will have input. Good luck.

Thank you for your help, I’m sure I am not too far away from a solution.