distorted sound in file

For several years I’ve been able to use Audacity with no problems. As of late when I record here, and this happened before I upgraded to 2.0.5 , the sound file plays back with s distorted, echoing in and out sound. I am using Windows XP which I’ve always used here, and even after moving to the new version here still have this issue. I haven’t changed anything else in the PC here, so curious as to why now all of a sudden. I’ve tried changing the line in source…even the output source to no avail. Can I paste a snippet of a file for others to listen to here? This is happening even before I export anything.

Before you go crazy, describe what you’re doing in detail.

“I’m recording my voice with a Blue Snowball USB microphone.”


Let’s try something as simple as popping a CD into the CD rom player. I open Audacity and start my record process, start the playing the disc in either Windows Media player OR ITunes. I’ll record maybe 60 secs and then stop. Even before I edit any of the file, I can go back to the beginning and start play…within usually the first :15 secs the sound changes noticably and has an distant…etherical distant sound to it. I’m using Realtek HD Audio manager …it’s always worked fine in the past. Not saying the problem is in Audacity, but Media player and ITunes both play music fine. In Audacity mereley playing back or exporting tracks leaves me with this weird sound quality. Operating systmn is Win XP and Audacity is the latest 2.0.5

within usually the first :15 secs the sound changes noticably and has an distant…etherical distant sound to it.

WinVista, Win7 and Win8 had settings for conferencing and other voice communications called Windows Enhanced Services which would not pass singing or other music. Voice only.

In those Windows, you could go into the control panels and turn it off. You may have installed communications software or something like that which is doing the same thing.

It’s purpose is to cancel room noise, air conditioning whine and echoes like a cellphone does. unfortunately, it pretty much destroys music.


It’s going to be ad-lib with you because neither of us has any idea what software is doing it — just that the symptoms are pretty common.


ok…I’ll nose around there and see what I can find. It seems odd that just out of the blue this started to happen. No new software installed or other programs…short of Window updates which just might have had an effect on things…We’ll see…thanks!